When I say we’re off we’re not actually on the ferry yet and no we’re not off our rocker. Well I might be. We left Devon yesterday and drove a couple of hours to Sparkford in Somerset. It’s where the Haynes motor museum is. Have not been there for a while so plan on going there tomorrow. The campsite we are on is Long Hazel, a adults only site but I managed to convince them I am a adult. Met by the owner as we arrived, set up and off down to the village pub for a beer or two. 

Today is chill day. We have worked for eight months with only a couple of long weekends so think we deserve to chill. Tomorrow after the museum we will head for another campsite in south lychett just outside Poole. It’s a great campsite and is only just down the road from the ferry terminal. Oh yea there is also a nice pub down the road. The pub is where we will meet my dad to have a birthday meal. It’s his 80th so I will treat him. So that’s us bought up to speed for now. We are on the ferry on Wednesday the 8th.