We are at Marjal Costa Blanca now as you know after an eight hour drive. Earlier this year when we were here we pitched up next to an English couple from Wales and had a real good laugh with them, they also took us out and about in the car which was nice of them. I had text them while we were in France to see if they were away this winter and guess what, that day they had just got to Marjal and said it would be great to see us again. So after our long journey and recoup, the next day we went round to say hello. It’s always nice to see people you like after a long time, you have so much to catch up on and allways forget something. 

A knock on the door yesterday and Bill was there, not the old bill(police) but Bill our friend, well he is old so I guess you could say the old bill came knocking on the door, we are going out in the car for a drive would you like to join us. Yes please that would be nice. So off we went heading for Guardamar, a sea side town. A stroll along the prom and a little cafe stop for a coffee and hot chocolate, watching the world go by. I must add all this was done in the sun. Back in the car and the next stop Santa Pola, another seaside town but with a marina. Just before you get to Santa Pola there are salt lakes either side of the road where you can see flamingos if you’re lucky. Today we were lucky, as we passed the lakes there was a group of about two hundred flamingos on one of the lakes and other small groups dotted about on other lakes. We could not stop because the road is busy and no where to pull over. Shame really because I so much wanted to get photos. Further along are huge big mountains of salt, probably all destined to be on your chips. 

We parked up and strolled around by the marina admiring the boats, saying how nice it would be to own one and sail off around the coast. While walking saw this amazing tree, looks just like a giant cabbage.

Another coffee and chocolate stop over looking the marina and boats. All very charming darling. And then back to the car but not before spotting the fish in the marina. 

Today I was going to go to a boot sale. I don’t need any Spanish boots but thought I would go just to have a look around, but it was cancelled due to rain forecast. Probably just as well, who knows what I would have come back with. Forgot to mention earlier, we had a evening down the pub with our friends also. Me and Nikki got there early, a pint and a large glass of red wine £3.60 At them sort of prices you can afford to go out with friends, I think the whole evening I bought ten drinks and that cost less than £20. Bargain. Today is a chill out day.