We finally dragged ourself away from Soustons. But not before we strolled down the beach again and this time Nikki saw the dolphins. Just standing on the beach watching them play out to sea was magical. The aire emptied after the weekend just leaving about ten units. A couple came in after having trouble with the barrier. She had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, don’t think she was happy about not being able to get in. 

Our next stop was a three hour drive away at a place called Cascante, a old roman town. We travelled down the west coast of France and crossed the border taking the 101 towards Pamplona and onwards towards Zaragoza. The aire (carpark) at Cascante was easy to find and very quiet, right near a sports centre etc. We parked up and then went for a walk. I wanted to see the roman  walkway that leads to the park. We found it with ease. What a fantastic place with great views from the top of the park.

Back to the camper and all of a sudden the car park was filling up with parents picking kids up, dropping them off for the leisure centre etc. A busy couple of hours and then all silent again. 

Our plan was to drive about three hours the next day to another campsite which said they have room for us. Where have I heard that before. In a ideal world we wanted to get to camping  Marjal Costa Blanca. After doing some research about the first campsite every piece of info said not suitable for units over 7 metres and very tight. We set off on the highway, driving through sun, low cloud on the mountain passes and heavy rain. Stop for fuel and make a decision to head for Camping Marjal. Eight hours later we arrive there. We have stayed before (January)and it’s very nice. I was knackered to say the least. Had a shower, Nikki fed me and that was it for me. Bed.