So we have been on a aire for two days now right opposite a little fishing port watching the boats come and go. There were twenty campers on the aire being the weekend and a nice one everyone was out and about.18 French, 1 Dutch and us not seen another Brit yet. But the Burstner was the one getting all the attention. Moving off on Sunday down the coast.  Well that’s a week in France, well it will be tomorrow. We are down and to the side of   La Rochelle a place called Fouras. The aire is right next to the beach and when we got here on Sunday the area was busy being a weekend and a loverly sunny day. We walked up into the town of Fouras today and tried our French out. Mine consists of saying Bonjour to everyone and OO LA LA if I see a pretty French lady. Nikki’s is merlot. So we get by. The roads are really quiet compared to England and the fuel is cheaper.we are short of water today, my fault because I never filled up before we left the last aire at the port thinking I will fill up when we get to Fouras. Get to Fouras and the water is broken. Luckily I have 40 pints of Guinness on board as a emergency. We should be ok if a little smelly. So that’s up to date. heres some pics.