So quick update, we got off the ferry and within a hour we had driven to a town called Montebourg, found the aire where we would spend the night. Parked up and walked into town and bought a bottle of wine for £1.95 Bargain. Small town with church bells going off every 15 minutes but no problem, slept well. Looked at map and decided to keep going south towards Mont St Michael a big castle like a Stately home on a island much like the one in Cornwall. Pulled into a motorway aire  on route and filled with fuel at £0.90 a litre and that’s motorway prices. Got to our aire for the night with the mont in the distance. We had to pay for this aire but it was right out in the sticks. Still only €10 including electric. Set off this morning and  we are now in a small village carpark  aire at a place called Grand Fougeray just below Rennes. Had a walk up the village shops and said hello to a few people.A couple of photos of the mont first one from the aire we were on.