Not long after posting my last blog when we were having a loverly mild spell at the end of February the weather forecast was saying we were going to get some snow across the U.K.

Our local weather said we would get a bit of snow and ice. I was getting a bit excited about having some snow around. It does make nice photos. As the days passed the weather forecast changed as if the forecasters had no idea what we were going to get. They have been known to get it wrong before. Think back to Michael fish.

I went to bed on the evening before expecting to wake up to a huge snow drift outside my door, but what did we get the next morning, a few snow flakes in the ground. So the forecasters got that wrong.

Some parts of the country had snow, others had none. Anyway just as they were saying no snow in our area it started snowing. And by the morning we woke up to see a huge blanket of snow covering everything including the trees. It was as white as white out there.

Snow arrived

Now as nice as it looked this was going to cause us a problem being on a campsite because we had people arriving and people leaving. Or so they thought. The road leaving the site is flat until you get to the top then it’s a slope down if leaving and a slope up if you’re arriving. And to add to that the site has some slopes.

A couple of small camper vans made it out of the site but the rest booked another night and we had to cancel all our bookings for two days as it would not be safe on site and most people were thinking the same and could not even get their caravan or motorhome out from where it was parked anyway.

Warm inside

The next two days were spent shovelling a lot of snow so people could get to the toilet block etc. After two days the forecast was for the temperature to hit double figures and rain and as quick as the snow arrived it was gone and life on the campsite was back to normal or as normal as it can be with us working here.

We had a trip out to Chester shopping outlet on one of our days off. I hated every minute of it and Nikki would have enjoyed it if I wasn’t there moaning about all the shops etc. I don’t like shopping and the only reason I went was because I wanted to get some winter boots for my mountain biking. I never got them.

We had friends come and visit us. They had a nice time exploring the area and of course we had to go and have a beer with them and a bite to eat down the pub.

And now we’re into April already. Can’t believe we have been here for three months already. The snow drops have been and gone and now the daffodils are all over the place and next will be the bluebells.

Chirk castle which is right on our doorstep has some loverly grounds to walk around and we often walk up there as it changes every month. Now we’re into spring all the trees are leafing up and all the buds are coming out. The birds are singing and building their nests. And the evenings are getting lighter.

Spring is here.

New in the Chirk estate is a garden area they have made which is a peaceful area, no dogs allowed and hopefully only very well behaved children. It’s an area where you get in touch with nature. There are benches around and areas just to sit and ponder, listen to the birds and watch life go by with your thoughts. I love the area and will be visiting it more.

Read the words

Nikki says this wording on this totem pole sums me up. I think she is right. we spent a very nice quite half an hour in the garden with nobody else coming in.

We had the afternoon off yesterday so planned some weekends away to give the camper a run out and to get us off site. More on that as and when we have those weekends. I also booked us onto the train ride from Llangollen to Carrog in June. I booked this because in the weekends the steam train runs this route so I am really looking forward to this. Plan is to get off at Carrog walk up to the pub for lunch and catch a later train back.

That’s us up to date. Still lots of work to do and of course lots of things for us to see and do while we are in this wonderful area. I will keep blogging and hope you are enjoying our journey with us. Cheers.

We’re not going anywhere.