Back in May I was searching the internet to see what concerts were on at Swansea arena. To my surprise a tribute band called The Australian Pink Floyd were playing there in October.

Pink Floyd are one of my favourite bands who I have seen many moons ago at Wembley stadium and they were fantastic. I have also seen a tribute band called Think floyd who were great, I have actually seen them twice. The Australian pink floyd I had always wanted to see so here was my opportunity with Swansea being only twenty minutes drive away and our evening off. Tickets were bought.

We finished work early that day and headed into Swansea at about 3pm. We were going to have a walk around and have tea in a pub and then go on to the concert which started at 7.30pm. A plan was made.

I also wanted to get some photos of the Copr bay bridge. The bridge is part of a big building project to join part of Swansea with the Swansea bay. It looks like honycombe and I though would make nice photos.

We park up just a couple of minutes away from the arena and go and check out where we need to go etc when we come back for the show. We then find out the show starts at 8pm. It’s going to be a late night I think. Nikki said she might fall asleep. I then remind her that the tickets cost £50 each and she will watch it all and even sing a long. 😁

Copr bridge
Copr bridge at dusk

The Copr bridge is right outside the arena and I was lucky enough to get some photos with no one around. I love the way the sunlight comes through the cutouts. I would have loved to get some pics when it was dark but at the end of the concert this bridge would have been flooded with peaple going home.

We went for a walk around the edge of town and I was dragged around a couple of shops but not too many thankfully. We decided on having tea in a pub down on the marina. The Pumphouse was chosen, I love the use of old buildings used as pubs. Whether spoons are very good for this. So after a walk around the marina and a look at the sea in the bay of Swansea we went for food.

Swansea marina

Plenty of space in the pub even though it was a Friday but we were early. Seated and ordered all on line with a App. Nikki does that bit, I think if I tried it it would be a lucky dip what we would get. The main decision and the hardest was what soft drink to have. Do pubs do soft drinks. I was driving and I have a very strict no alcohol if driving policy. I value my licence. Nikki said she didn’t want a drink because she didn’t want to be that annoying person always getting up for the loo while the show was on. So there we were sat in a pub with our meals and a soft drink each. There is a first for everything.

Still early we decide to go to the arena and find our seats and just chill. And now the fun began. We go in through the scanners, I buy a T shirt, we go and get some bottled water as it’s going to be a long night. The band play for about two and half hours.

We walk into the arena and our seats are on the circle in the middle. We get to our seats and I am so excited and I turn to Nikki and she is shaking and starting to cry. Wow I never thought you would be that excited are you ok. NO I can’t stay here. Let me explain Nikki has a fear of heights, bridges, ledges etc anywhere that is high and she could fall.

I have had to hold her tight and walk her across a bridge before now. So with her legs going to jelly and with her feeling sick we go out to the bar area and talk about our choices. One of the staff said she could possibly swap seats with one of the disabled on the edge with a barrier in front but it was a sell out so the chance was slim.

Nikki decided she was going to go home. I said take the car but she said no, how would I get home. There was more chance of her catching a bus early than me getting one later. I wanted her to get a taxi so she would go from door to door. I was not worried about the cost I just wanted her to get home safely in the dark and on a Friday night because she still had a walk from where the bus drops her off to home.

So off she went and yes she caught the bus after promising me she would message me when she got home. I went back to my seat and watched the arena slowly fill up. The arena holds 3500 peaple and it was a sell out but there was One Missing, out of all the 3500 sold tickets there was one seat empty and that seat was next to me.

The show was fantastic and I really enjoyed it, the music the light show etc. The Audience was a lot of older peaple like myself who have been Floyd fans for years. Not many youngsters in the Audience. They don’t appreciate good music.

Australian Pink Floyd
Australian Pink Floyd

I left the arena at 22.45 and headed for the car. I don’t like driving at night because all the lights make my eyes go funny and after looking at all the laser lights from the concert it was going to be worse and I was tired. So a slow drive home and with aching eyes and buzzing ears I fell into bed and slept like a log and no alcohol was involved.

As it was our weekend off the next day we decided on a beach day. So in between the showers we headed for Caswell bay. A loverly bay on a loverly day on the Gower. We had a stroll along the beach, a look into the rock pools and Nikki even had a paddle but she did have her wellies on.

Caswell bay
Caswell bay

Back to work on the Monday after a great weekend. The site being really quiet. And now the gates are closed, the site is empty, we have shut down the site. We have reached the chequered flag. A couple of days now to get the camper loaded up, all the washing etc to do and then head out in the highway. First stop Tredegar only just over an hour away. There for the weekend and then off to Cirencester.