Before we left Cirencester the trees were well on their way to losing all their leaves. I love this time of year for the colours in the trees. I had one last walk down through the park and walked round the back of the church. The church dominates the town and is a large church, almost cathedral like. All the time we spent in Cirencester I had never been around the back, walked past it many times but never ventured round the back.

I love graveyards and this one was fantastic with so many old headstones in all shapes and sizes and at all sorts of angles. What I call a proper graveyard. And of course the trees were at their best in their autumnal colours.

Autumn in the graveyard
The church

That night we went out for one last time to our favourite pub in Cirencester The Toro lounge. They do the best burgers and a great pint of craft beer and a good glass of wine for Nikki. Nikki had got back that afternoon from visiting her sister and boys so I thought after her long hectic weekend and drive it would be nice to take her out rather than her get her apron on and start cooking tea. That’s my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it.

Our favourite pub

She didn’t complain about the idea and within half an hour of her getting home we were on our way down to the town. It was good to go in there again after missing out last year because of Covid.

We are now at South Molton at the site we have used many times. They have some new pitches which they were building last year when we were here so we opted to go on one of them and a good choice it was. We have no one around us and just look across the fields and trees, and the spell of good weather is also helping to make it all look so good.

We had a walk around the site just to stretch our legs after the drive and as we passed the clubhouse, well nearly got past it, I said to Nikki fancy a quick drink. I didn’t have to ask her twice so in we went. What a great surprise we saw some friends who use the campsite a lot in there so a few drinks later and a great catch up Nikki left to go and start the tea while I had one for the road and then wobbled home.

We have a quiet week this week with just visits to see Mi Mi, that’s Nikki’s mum. Then next week a very busy expensive week to include. Dentist check ups, Doctors check ups, camper mot and service, car mot and service and a new rear camera for the camper which means a trip to Taunton. So no more going out.

Yesterday I walked up through the woods on the site to get some cold crisp air in my lungs and check out the lakes. Sit in the sun under a tree and think about far off places in the sun without the cold crisp air.

A bench to ponder
The woods

So that’s where we are now. This morning it’s very frosty out there but the suns starting to come out. A chill out day is on the cards today. The last picture is of the church in Cirencester at night, it just looked so nice in the dark on the way home from the pub. Cheers.

Cirencester church