We have the chequered flag in sight. The end of the season is soon. As I write this we have nine days until the site closes, in nine days days time as the last one leaves I will close the gates and lock them. Not that we’re looking forward to the last day. To be honest it’s been a tough year with one thing or another and yes we will be glad to see the last caravan or motorhome leave the site.

We then have to close the site down for winter, board the toilet block up, drain down the service points, take all the signs in etc etc. We have two days off before we finish. We also have to pack our own motorhome up and the car ready for our journey to Cirencester at the end of the month which is where we will go for a break on the way down to Devon.

We have one more payday next Friday and then the next payday we will get will be the end of March. We will survive……I think. luckily we like beans on toast.

Our last couple of days off were spent having a couple of trips out and about in between the showers of rain. Then as it was time to go back to work the sun came out, but only briefly.

We went to Betws Y Coed to have a look around. It’s a very touristy town and in the summer is full of peaple from all over the globe and coaches block the roads up. A good reason to avoid in the main season.

As you walk up the Main Street there is a loverly old church which you can’t miss. I can imagine in the olden days this being one of a few buildings and a dirt road passing it with a few horse and carts passing by not like now it’s a main road and busy with cars.

Loverly old church

On the opposite side of the road to the church is a river and a fisherman was trying his luck in the swollen river. The river was in full flow after all the rain we have had but he had a good spot and was fly fishing. The loop around his head is not a halo it’s just as I took the picture I captured his fishing line as he was flicking it out into the river to hopefully catch himself some tea.

Fly fishing

Betws Y Coed has a small station which we went to look at as there was some old carriages turned into a cafe in one of the sidings. On the platform were some great sculptures of animals filled with bottle tops. All something to do with saving the planet but very well done. The rhinoceros was my favourite. I also loved this sign outside one of the tea rooms. Obviously someone didn’t like it in there.

A rare bottle top filled rino
Made me laugh

We were getting hungry by now and had spotted a pasty shop so made our way back towards the shop where we bought two pasties and a drink and wish we hadn’t. I can honestly say it was the worst pasty I have ever had in my life and if I wasn’t so hungry at the time I would have thrown it back into the shop. Maybe I should put a review on tripadvisor and then they can put a sign up outside their shop.

Then before we left this very expensive tourist trap we needed a comfort stop. Now where does the spend a penny saying come from because it needs to be updated. 30p for a pee in this little town. As we passed the river on the way to the car the waterfall was looking good but looking at all that water flowing over the rocks made me feel like I needed another wee, but I could not afford it so I took a quick photo and moved on.

On the way back we or should I say me being the driver decided to take a detour. I had found some mountain bike trails so wanted to see whereabouts they were so we took a very small single track road up through a beautiful valley. Up and up we went into the clouds and the view was fantastic with water cascading down the mountains in certain places and the valley floor way down below us. The picture below is about half way up the valley.

A welsh valley

A couple of days ago while out on site I spotted a loverly fungi. It looked like a alien spaceship had landed on the grass being about a foot across the top. I had to mow the grass but mowed all the grass around it as it just looked so good. It’s turning blacker by the day now but still looks good.

Alien Fungi

So that’s us up to date. This will be the last post from here in Snowdonia. We have loved the area even though we have not done everything on my to do list. We are looking forward to next season being by the sea again. But before that we have the winter to catch up with friends and family. Take care.