We left Cirencester on 22nd of November to head for Devon. We needed to get down there to see Nikki’s mum and sort so much stuff out for her. We had doctor and dentist appointments and the car and camper were both booked in for mot and services.

Because we were both going to be driving different vehicles we had a plan to go a certain way and stop at Taunton Deane services for a pit stop and snack which we had made. I left as Nikki was still putting in the sat nav directions in the car and somehow I went off in a different direction to her. So I carried on and she carried on. I thought she will catch me up soon especially when we get on the motorway.

I got to the motorway and still no sign of her so I just carried on cruising along at about 60 mph knowing she will catch me up. Meanwhile Nikki is just cruising along thinking I will catch her up. I approached the service area and thought no sign of her she must have gone on by so I stayed on the motorway. Just after leaving the motorway I pulled over for a pit stop then carried on to the campsite.

I was just checking in when Nikki messaged me to say she had just got to the service area, I was about half an hour in front of her somehow. We did laugh.

The campsite we were now on was only open for key workers and peaple who were in between buying houses etc, so was not very busy. We have stayed here before and it’s not to far away from Nikki’s mums.

We went to see Nikki’s mum the next day and was good to see her and I am sure she was pleased to see us. The long list of things to do is getting shorter by the day although I am sure there are a few add ons.

Our trip to the doctors was ok and the dentist apart from the cost but you can’t put a price on a nice smile can you. The car had its mot service and cam belt and water pump done so that was a big bill. But again you can’t put a price on that smile you get from driving it. Perhaps the dentist and garage should get together and come up with a deal. Smiles per miles. Nikki’s mums car also had a mot. Her car had been sat in her garage for a year and sadly she is never going to drive again so it’s got to go. I got it started and took it for an mot. It needed a new battery but apart from that was all ok. It’s now up for sale but it’s the wrong time of year so near to Xmas to be selling it. And we leave the area this weekend so that causes more problems.

The camper also had its mot and service and I asked for the levelling jacks to be refurbed. It’s all been done but I have not had the bill yet. To be honest I don’t want the bill because that one is not going to make me smile. Still it’s got to be done. If the wheels don’t turn we can not travel.

Before we left wales I cut my hair. On the first of November and decided I was not going to cut it again until I get back to wales on the first of March. But I did have another hair cut. My beard had been bugging me for ages, not growing like I wanted it to etc so I cut three inches off it. After another few days while Nikki was out I decided it had to go so out with the kitchen scissors and it’s all gone. After having it hanging on my chin for Severn years it felt odd. Nikki is still staring at me strangely but she has always done that anyway. Nikki also changed her hair colour which looks very nice.

On the beach

It’s nice being next to the sea again although the surf has been rubbish so I have not been surfing. We have been down the beach and yesterday I went down the beach on my own to chill by the sea. I also wanted to check out a new bike facility on the way. In Braunton they have built a pump track. A pump track is a serious of humps and bends to practice certain things on your bike. It’s an all weather one also and should be quiet at this time of year, not to many kids so I plan on going down to have a go around it while they are all at school.

A nice berm
Humps and berms

Our travel plans have all changed for the winter because of Covid. We had planned on seeing family and friends etc but due to the tier system we decided it’s best not to visit but keep ourself to ourself as much as we can. So I do apologise to those of you who were looking forward to buying us a beer and catching up. There’s always next year.

Wish these were my driveway gates

We are moving from this site on Sunday and going to Dulverton, another site we have been on before. We will be there for three weeks. Its a bit further away from Nikki’s mum but we we will still go and see her. After that we will be going to Minehead and then onto cheddar before heading back to wales to start work again and get some money in the bank. Getting fed up with beans on toast now. Stay safe every body.

An Old street in south molton