Our journey from Chirk to Gellilydan was in sunshine. The week before when we had gone over to see the site the journey was all overcast and the mountains were topped with cloud. Now we could see some of them had snow on. I caught a glimpse of Snowdon in the distance which had a good thick covering of snow on top. The river levels had gone down, they were still high but not overflowing into the fields anymore. The scenery was fantastic. We are going to love being in this area for the season. It was strange not having Nikki in the camper with me because she was following behind in the new car. It all worked out well.

We got to site and parked up on a pitch. The compound we were going in needed some work first. Moving slabs etc and working out the best way to get in. We had a cup of tea with Debbie and Jerry our new wardens and then I just had to set about working on the compound. Got it to the stage where I could get the camper in. It was tight but it’s in there. Once in we still have plenty of room for the car and a large area to sit out in the sun while sipping our cold drinks. We also have a pod in there which is a bathroom with our own toilet and shower in. Nikki is making that all nice. And we also have a garage which has a washing machine and a tumble dryer, fridge freezer and plenty of room for our bikes etc.

Our compound

Today was our last day of freedom before starting work tomorrow getting the site ready to open on Friday 13th, let the fun begin. I had a day off from doing the compound today, I can finish the other jobs in work time as and when.

So we had a day out in Porthmadog. Nikki needed to get some bathroom stuff and I needed to get bird feeders etc. There is also the welsh and highland railway there. Something I wanted to go on at some stage. Today was my lucky day because as we were coming past the station I could see the steam coming from one of the steam engines. We parked up and went back to the station to get some photos. I love the old steam trains.

The train now standing on platform one.
All fired up and ready to roll.

The steam built up and a blow on the whistle and the train started rolling out the station in a cloud of steam which surrounded the carriages, just like in a old movie.

And away it went heading towards the mountains. We will come back and go for a train ride and there are lots of others in the area including one that goes up snowdon.

Heading for the mountains. Full steam ahead.

Some facts and figures from our winter trip. This is for the last four months holiday.

We have travelled 1435 miles. We have put £495 worth of fuel in the camper but it is now topped right up. We put £128 worth of fuel in the little Toyota for getting about. We spent £360 on campsites. Our food bill was £1616. Out and about expenses were £785 this is lunches in cafes and pubs, nights out and site seeing etc. So all in all our winter trip cost us about £3500. That’s if you don’t take into account the new car, bike rack for the car, tow ball for the car etc. But we are working again now ready to spend it all again next winter. Who knows where we will be. U.K. or Europe or some far flung island. Will keep you posted wherever we end up and of course I will keep you updated on our season here in Snowdonia.