Our time at Chester flew by. We had so much planned and never did half of it due to the weather. Thanks storm Dennis. We also looked at a car which took up two days, one to view and another to go back and pick it up. We do plan to go back to that site though and do all the things we never did this time.

Our friends David and Elaine were working there while we were there but we managed to walk down the pub with them and have a beer or two and some food. They are now gone off to their new site for the season. Another set of wardens we knew from Dulverton were also there visiting family. You just can’t get away.

Storm Dennis was a bit of nothing really in Chester area, yes it was windy and rained but not as bad as they said it was going to be. I know some places have had really bad flooding around the country and I do feel sorry for them.

At the campsite we are under a flight path to Hawarden airport so you see planes coming overhead. Nothing unusual there but there I was sat gazing out the window when this huge big plane come into view that looked like a flying whale. It looked like a Beluga whale. I jumped out the camper and took a picture. Not a very good one. sorry but it was up high and I had to act fast. Then I looked on google and found out it was actually called a Beluga airbus flying into Hawarden airport. They are used to transport wings for airbus planes and other large loads like Nikki’s wine supply. How did they know her glass needed topping up. They really are a weird looking plane. The picture below of one on the ground is not one I took but gives you a better idea of what they look like.

This was my attempt at getting a photo of it. Don’t laugh, it’s the best I could do in the circumstances.

After seeing the Beluga airbus the excitement never stopped because the next day we went to pick up the new to us car. We have never had such a new car, it’s four and a half years old. It will suit our lifestyle so much better. All went smoothly at the car supermarket and the payment didn’t get rejected, although the credit cards are now smoking in the corner. Nikki drove Timmy Toyota back to site and I drove Patsy Passat. Yes we named her Patsy Passat because she is absolutely fabulous. Remember the TV series. I know we are sad really….but we are happy. Yesterday I sat in Patsy pressing buttons and looking all round and trying to find out what does what while looking through the manual which is like a telephone book. Modern cars have so much in them now and so many electrics. All very nice when it’s working but a pain when it goes wrong.

Today we hitched up Timmy and Nikki got in Patsy and we headed out on the highway in convoy to Chirk. Only an hours drive and as we left the site I sung to myself. We got ourselves a convoy 10 4 good buddy. Chirk is just south of Wrexham. We are now officially in Wales.

I bring you Patsy Passat. For those that want to know she is a 2.0 TDI SE Business VW Passat.