Where is the year going. Already half way through the season. Hard to think that in four months time we will be finishing up here in Cirencester. What will the winter bring. We are not sure if we are going away to Europe this winter. Instead we might take a trip round the Uk. Watch this space.

We have been really busy with work, and on our days off we never seem to get things done. We have moved pitch on the campsite due to being under trees, the roof was getting covered in sap and then the blossom would stuck to that. It was really upsetting me knowing how dirty it was up there on the roof. Anyone who knows me will know I do like my vehicles looking nice.

Both the camper and the car mot and service was due. We have a couple of good garages back home where we get these done so a trip to Devon was on the cards. An expensive weekend with them both being done, but at least they are done now for the year.

The weather the last two weeks has been fantastic and the BBQ has been in use a few times after work. And when you have a BBQ you have to have a cold beer, that’s the rules.

I have trouble with my ears. Getting blocked etc. I have surfers ear which is caused by years and years of surfing in cold water and in the winter with the cold winds etc. The ear canal narrows down over the years so your ears get blocked easier. The last two weeks were really bad, normally they clear but not this time. Walking around the campsite talking to peaple it was almost like I was just nodding my head and saying yes. So who knows what I have agreed to, or not. Nikki tried tipping some oil in them to loosen the wax and we even squirted some water in them but it still no good. So on our day off I went off to a ear clinic where they hoover all the wax out. It’s not a dyson or anything as big as that but a small probe which goes in the ear canal. Then it’s flushed out with a jet of warm water. It’s actually a nice sensation and at the end of it you can hear. I will spare you the pictures of what came out. Unlike my wallet which was not spared.

So that’s us up to date, the sun is still shining. We are still loving the job, we have put in our selection for next year and in September we will know where we’re going to be working next year.