As I sit here and start to write this I can’t believe we only have one month left in Europe. We are on the ferry from Cherbourg to Poole on the 31st January. Our route from here will be Benicarlo, Girona, Grissoles, Tours, portbail, Cherbourg. Or something along them lines depending on weather and if I change my mind or get lost. We still have a months, well five weeks actually holiday then in the Uk before we start our new jobs. We have a lot to do in that time including our stay for five nights in a hotel. The camper will be in the hotel carpark so not to far away for me if I find hotel life strange. The time spent on this campsite has flown by. We have been here for fifty days and only had two days rain. I know you don’t want to hear things like that but you are reading my blog so I have to tell you these things, I can’t lie.

Christmas is over, yipeee and new year is upon us. Tonight will be noisy as the spanish do like a good party. Any excuse for them to let off fireworks. And they all get together as big family’s. I think a lot of them have hearing problems also because they don’t seem to be able to play music at a normal volume. And then all the dogs will join in which will set the cockerel off because he will think it’s time to get up, not that he knows the time anyway. Hope you all have a good one whatever you do.

My list of jobs to do on a rainy day is getting bigger. You know one of those lists where the jobs needs doing but it can wait, it’s not important. So because we have not had a rainy day for such a long time my list has got bigger, and another problem is half the things on my list are outside jobs so I can’t do them in the rain. I know what your thinking, do the outside jobs while the weathers good. I am on holiday you know.

Next winters trip. I know we have eight months of work in between. But we are already thinking about it. We are not coming back to this site for long stays anymore. It’s a great site and love the area. We have a loverly pitch and once we give it up we will never have it again. The only reason we have had this pitch the last three years is that when the site first opened we had this pitch just out of sure luck it was a really nice sunny one. Because we had it first we had first choice of booking it for the next year, like a loyalty thing. So we did and again for this year. But now it’s time to get on the road again. I like to move about more and Nikki is ready for a change. It will mean more driving but we will see so many more places and meet so many more peaple and hear there travel story’s. I will take more pictures and can do more on my blog so all you lucky peaple can read more of our adventures. We want to go back to Portugal, we might just do Portugal and Spain. Who knows. Time will tell. Whatever we do it will be an adventure before dementia.

Happy new year to you all and thanks for reading my blog.

Mike and Nikki XX