We left the aire not far from the Normandy D Day beaches in glorious sunshine and headed off for the port of Cherbourg  to catch our ferry, which of course we really want to do….NOT. As we had time to spare we decided to go to the La cite de la mer Cherbourg. A exhibition of the Le Redoutable, the Titantic and a Aquarium.

Le Redoutable is the largest submarine open to the public in the world. Launched in Cherbourg on the 29th march1967. Its 128 metres long and 10.6 metres wide. Bloody big.There would have been a total of 270 crew split into two teams and you would have done 70 day patrols. The sub was maned 24 hours a day. We went inside with our little handheld voice box telling us what was what etc. So interesting, but would not be for me. Not being able to go outside for 70 days.

The Aquarium was very impressive. 11 metres deep and the glass was just over a foot thick. You can look in at differant levels, there also other tanks with some fantastic fish in. 

The Titanic returned to Cherbourg on 10th April 1912. The exhibition was a bit boring really but some nice old photos. Why we would want to go to a Titanic exhibition when we’re just about to board a ferry I don’t know. There are a lot of other underwater craft there also to look around. We were there for about three hours. 

So that’s our trip this winter. We are off to get some French fuel now and then wait to board the ferry, docking in Poole at about 10.30 pm, sleep on the dockside, well not on it but in the camper. Then back to Devon tomorrow. Hope you have enjoyed the blog. I really enjoy doing it. And if we met up and you want to see more photos I have a few to look at over a beer or two. We will be going away again next winter so the blog will be started again in November. Cheers.