Not a lot has happened since we went to Peniscola apart from the weather. We have had hot days, cold days, mild days, windy days, foggy days, oh yes and even rainy days. When I say cold days I don’t mean as bad as being in the uk in January. Th e couple of foggy days were only mornings really and that soon cleared to reveal blue sunny sky’s. Now the wind is a different story. The first weekend we got wind I thought the whole campsite was going to be covered in awnings in the morning, but I think there were only two that got trashed. Then the weather settled down again. We did our usual trek to the shop every other day or so to get supplies ( beer, wine, food) It’s a twenty minute walk along the sea front to the supermarket. I don’t know how Nikki is going to cope when we get home having to drive to Tesco park right outside, drive home. I think my back will prefer it and my arms think they have been stretched carrying the bags back.

We keep an eye on the weather so we get warning. We knew again we were in for some wind. The clues were there, peaple talking about it, some peaple even left because of it, others were taking down their awnings to save them. We also made plans. We got enough food and drink in so if it got so bad we could not get out at least we could eat and drink. The winds came and were gusting to 60 mph for two days and nights, so we never went far. Good planning you see, others had to go out shopping. It’s all back to normal now with blue sky’s and sunshine. 

Yesterday we strolled into town, I needed a hair cut. The lady on reception told us about a barber in town and marked it on the map for us. Does he speak English I asked No but he is good. Ok so he does not speak English, I do not speak Spanish, this could be interesting, you may not recognise me when I come back. we found the barbers, a empty chair waiting. After a bit of English/ Spanish and some hand movements and finger waving and pointing to his stubble etc. I sat down and let the scissors  and clippers start. The end result, one of the best haircuts I have ever had. 

The morning sunrise

We understand in the uk there is a shortage of lettuce etc because of the bad weather over here this winter. So here is a reminder of what it look like for you. Spanish gold.

While we have breakfast and when we sit outside in the sun just watching the world go by it’s always interesting. The regulars that are on the site from before we arrived. We have names for them all. We also do this back home. At the end of the row is triangle man, a Dutch guy and his wife who have funny fold up bikes that are…. you guessed it square, no they are triangle shape. Then we have the weebles, remember them weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. A French couple but the biggest rounded shape you have ever seen. Next a elderly lady with a deaf husband. He’s got it sussed, only hears what he wants to hear. Next a couple from Portsmouth. He used to be in the navy, a top chef and always has a story to tell and can chat for England like me, his wife often has to drag him away or signal him from the camper. Really nice couple. Next Blondie a petite blond lady with her husband. You only see them going from the caravan to the toilet block, she is allways immaculately dressed and in something different every day. When they were packing up to go they even loaded a washing machine into the car they had been using in their awning . we have another Dutch couple beside us, the chair lady. All she does is sit in her chair outside, if it’s cold she still sits out there but with about three coats on. The dogs on his blanket while the man is running around doing this and that and can’t shut a door quietly. Lastly there the RV ‘ ers, I don’t know what peaple think when they see a RV and the driver or what they expect to think. When we had ours and used to roll up we allways got some looks as if to say how did they get that. This guy has the same. He is about six feet tall and covered in tattoos all around his neck etc, but the nicest guy guy you could meet. we were having a laugh yesterday about the RV image some peaple expect. But like we said we buy them for ourselves not anyone else. Most peaple are just a little green. 

We leave here next week on Tuesday and start heading north towards the ferry port. A slow two weeks up through France, not got much of a plan on route yet but it will be a couple of days here and there. Just hope the weathers better and not too much snow over the Pyrenees mountains. We are going back a different way this year. North from here towards the French border then left towards Toulouse, Limoges etc. Will keep you informed. The six nations rugby has started now so I am happy about that. I will miss it one weekend while we are in France, but you never know. I have it covered here. We have TV on the pitch and Guinness in the fridge, the bar on site has three TVs and Guinness, so all angles covered. England just have to do their bit now.