You may or not know that we were in for some bad weather. Come to Spain they said the sun shines, the Mediterranean sea is calm. Yea right ! If you had been here the last week for your holiday you would have cried and been straight onto your holiday rep for a full refund. Where we are Benicarlo, we did very well on the scheme of things. We knew it was coming so went off shopping and got some supplies in for when we  new we would be in the camper for a day or two, eating and playing more scrabble, but even that was a challenge as the Internet was so hit and miss. Nikki resorted to reading her books, I just stared out the window shouting RUBBISH at the weather. Cabin fever had set in. I felt like the cheese had slid off my cracker. 

In a lull in the weather we ventured out for a short walk. WOW The road we normally walk down which runs along side the beach to go to the town had debri all over it, stone benches ripped from there fixings, and these benches proberly weigh a ton each, stones, sand all washed up from the pounding waves coming right up the beach and over the road. 

We get to the other end of the road and there are two ways we can go. There is a dry river bed, or should I say was a dry river bed, and the road crosses this. The road was completely flooded, the river bed was no longer dry and there was so much water it was running down the river bed across the road onto the beach and had carved a huge big opening through the sand and running on out to sea. And at the same time the sea which normally laps the shore line with hardly any tidal movement at all was pounding the beach and coming right up and over the sand/ pebble ridge. 

As I say we were very lucky in this area. There is some snow on the mountains about 25 miles away. But other areas south from here which is where come from have had it real bad. Benidorm the place we braved and went to and strolled along the front in bright sunshine and blue sky’s had terrible hail storms and torrentional rain. Altea jus above them the river has burst it’s banks and polluted the water courses and peaple have been told not to drink any water other than bottled. Denia has had the worst snow for years, and heavy rain has washed buildings away. It will certainly be a winter to remember for a lot of peaple. Even the locals were out in the snow and driving to see it up in the mountains because it does not happen that often. At the beach here where we are peaple we’re out taking photos etc, you would never think it’s the med. 

Today is supposed to be back to normal, blue sky’s and sunshine is forcast for the next week so happy days. Tomorrow we are walking to Peniscola along the seafront if it’s passable. A four mile walk just to get there.