Only one week left…….at this campsite, you didn’t think it was time for us to start heading home now did you. Oh no we are having way to much fun in the sun. Since New Years Eve our ears have recovered and stopped ringing, our diet has returned to less luxury food, but we are still trying to manage the wine and beer. When we go shopping we sometimes see things that we don’t know what they are and we look at each other and say what the hell, let’s give it a go. Often it’s fine. The same applies for Nikki’s wine, she bought one the other day €0.99 not even a Euro thinking if it’s horrible it will do for cooking. It was loverly and now every time we go past the shop we have to get some more. That’s 85 pence for a bottle of nice wine. 

Our friends from Somerset arrived a couple of days ago and were staying at a site a couple of miles away but after seeing our site they moved round to here. That is after a big argument with the site reception where they were, but that’s another story. It’s great to have them here. 

Yesterday me and Nikki went for a stroll round the old town of Villajoyosa, full of little ol cottages all brightly painted, washing hanging out, some look like there perched on the cliff top. Absolutely fantastic and so photogenic. Below are some of my faverite pics I took. If you are an artist this would be such a nice place to come to. Enjoy.