Sat here looking out the window thinking this time next week we will be in France. Don’t know where but we will be on the road again and that’s all that matters. Between now and then Nikki will have three more days work, I will proberly polish the camper every day and then get annoyed when it rains and gets dirty. We will be leaving Devon on the Tuesday to head for Dorset to visit a freind to catch up. Then onto south lychett manor campsite for a couple of days. Another good reason to go there is that within walking distance is a great pub where we will meet my dad for a birthday meal. From there it’s only a ten minute drive early on Friday morning to the ferry port and sail to Cherbourg, that’s in France you know. Which is where I started this post because that will be a week away. So that’s it until we get to France and get some Internet  so I can keep you all updated to what we are doing and where we are. Good bye for now.