We are Mike & Nikki. We like to enjoy life as that’s what we were put on this planet for. If you bump into us at anytime we will always be pleased to let you buy us a drink and have a chat. We have done a fair bit of travelling together and separately. For a long time we have wanted to winter away from England. We have a 9 mtr Burstner tag axle  motorhome.So on the 3rd November 2015 we get on the ferry at Poole  which will take us to Cherbourg. From there it is anyone’s guess where we will go but it will be south towards the warmth. It will be a adventure and you can follow us on our travels.we won’t be updating everyday, just when we have good internet or think something is interesting. Please be patient I am not the best on the Internet.  We hope to be away for up to four months. Hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I (Mike) will enjoy writing it.So grab a beer or glass of wine because that’s what we are doing and CHEERS.